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Digital is disrupting testing

Eighty-two percent of companies lack a digital testing strategy. Do you have one?


New IT is dramatically changing how applications are built, maintained and run. It’s pushing every digital business to reinvent its testing strategy.

Accenture collaborated with Pierre Audoin Consultants (PAC) to explore the strategies, challenges and success metrics around Digital Testing in Europe. Our survey of 200 senior testing and IT executives reveals how the proliferation of digital technologies are forcing testing organizations to re-orient their processes, tools and resources. Businesses that understand the implications and proactively transform their testing strategies for New IT will be best positioned to deliver a seamless customer experience and thrive in the digital era.


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Watch the replay of the Accenture and Worksoft Digital Testing Strategy webinar in Europe and North America

Key Findings


Companies today should ask three important questions:

  1. Does our testing strategy prepare us for the digital disruption to our business?

  2. Do we have the right level of investment in digital testing processes, tools and resources?

  3. Is our testing strategy designed for application resiliency and managing security vulnerabilities in this highly-connected world?

Testing organizations can use the research findings to provoke discussions with their business leadership to define a comprehensive digital testing strategy.


The research is the result of a comprehensive survey conducted during July and August 2015 covering 200 senior testing and IT executives across several businesses (Manufacturing, Financial, Retail, Services, Public, Telecoms, Energy, Utilities and Transport) in Europe (France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, the Nordic region, Spain and the United Kingdom) each with more than 500 employees.


Kishore Durg
Global Testing Lead

Venugopal Ramakrishnan
Global Digital Testing Lead

Jeff S. Wilkinson
North America Testing Lead

Matthias Rasking
Europe and Latin America Testing Lead

John M. Pickering
Asia Pacific Testing Lead