Compliance Reinvented

How financial services organizations can drive real business value from compliance learning


How can you create a compliance learning program that is both stimulating for your employees and financially rewarding for your business? Financial services organizations are spending a lot of money on compliance learning, but they don’t often see the desired results of their regulatory training programs. The low impact of compliance training leads to frustrated organizations as well as demotivated, disengaged employees.

Accenture envisions a future of dynamic, high-impact compliance learning that is seamlessly incorporated into the daily lives of employees. An agile workforce is one where digital technologies are used to improve learning experiences. Employees are already augmenting their own personal learning experiences through digital devices; therefore insurers need to keep up. In this report we look at practical ways to make compliance learning more rewarding.

Real-life case studies, storytelling, coaching and follow-up exercises in the workplace enable users to better connect with compliance learning.


Accenture’s 30-day challenge consists of micro-actions that take less than 10 minutes a day to achieve. Daily repetition ensures that new behaviors become embedded habits.


Andy Young

Managing Director, Financial Services
UK&I Talent & Organization

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