Quality Lead



Area of Interest

Corporate Functions

Career Area

Program, Project & Service Mgmt


Master of Business Administration

What I Do

I do many things and it is the most inspiring part of my weekday.

I have spent most of my professional career in project delivery and I really enjoy it. Currently, I’m in charge of internal quality systems and quality assurance at Accenture Latvia. I work closely with the project managers and team leads regarding quality related matters, help projects to set up the right quality management system to make sure that we will deliver on time, in quality, in scope and in budget. I also lead our PMO service delivery to our internal and external clients. This is quite an interesting area of my work because, through experienced PMO service delivery, we can significantly improve and optimize the operations of the projects.

Day in my Life

My day always starts with a cup of coffee. After that, the day can move in many different ways; I can never predict it. Scenario A is a tight day with a lot of meetings, discussing many different topics and trying to make specific agreements. Or, Scenario B - the day can start slowly, so that I can easily drink my coffee, listen to music, read emails and create some actual deliverables until deadlines. But at any point, my day can turn back to Scenario A or become Scenario C – a lot of meeting to attend, a lot of people to talk to and a lot of deadlines to meet.

Yes, my days are often very tense, but also – interesting, full of adrenaline and most important – never boring!

Outside the Office/Work

Outside of the office my life is diverse in the same way as in the office. There are a lot of things I like to do. The specific priorities change depending on my mood and I choose to do what I wish at any specific point of time. I like reading books (really, a lot!), I like riding my bike and swimming during the summer, I like sewing and make my own dresses. I enjoy spending time with friends and having a good dose of fun and laughter. I really like making photographs to try to capture the many special moments I enjoy with friends and colleagues. Also, I like to travel, discover new places and feel the unique mood of the specific place. I travel with my friends and I like to go on business trips and use the opportunity to walk around a new place.

My Advice

Never leave a task “half-finished” or finished with “half-quality”. Always understand why you are doing a specific thing and what added value it will bring to you or others. And only then complete the work with the best effort you have and within the quality that makes you satisfied with your accomplishment. Only with this attitude will you really get the brilliant feeling of good work well done.

Respect people around you. Be the kind of colleague that you would want others to be. Only this attitude will make you enjoy every day that you have with your colleagues and teammates.