Testing lead


Riga, Latvia

Area of Interest

Technology Careers

Career Area

Software Engineering


Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science

What I Do

I make sure that the software we deliver to our client corresponds to what the client requires and I lead a team assuring that. I also plan the test process, and define the approach so it corresponds to the client’s needs.

Day in my Life

Usually it starts with a cup of coffee as soon as I arrive at the office. Afterwards, we have a short status meeting where all of the team’s plans and actions are discussed. Then, I usually review and distribute tasks for the day to team members. Usually we test the software in development for most of the day. Besides testing there are different meetings with clients and team. In parallel with testing tasks I organize the test team, help them, and define the test strategy and approach.

Outside the Office

Outside the office I have two main activities. One is my band where I play guitar. We have regular rehearsals and gigs so usually I spend my weekends playing gigs. The second activity is sports – I like to workout at the gym, usually 3 times a week in the morning. It helps to clear my head from everything.

My Advice
Always keep learning and striving for more. If you fail, try again or try something else, eventually you will succeed.