Operational Development Coordinator



Area of Interest

Technology Careers

Career Area

Business Process Delivery


Master of Social Sciences in Economics

What I Do

I’ve joined Operational Development team in a large multinational telecommunications company project two years ago and then been promoted to the Team Lead role. Our team is responsible for client’s unit operation and corresponding project management tools support and development. My main responsibilities include process and methodology development, evaluation of IT Project Managers’ performance quality compliance, maintenance and support of the IT project status reporting and performance evaluation reporting. Our team develops new solutions on MS SharePoint for existing client’s process thus increasing efficiency of unit operations.

Day In My Life

As a Team Lead I am fully focused on managing my team: ensure balanced task split and good relationships inside the team, tracking performance and progress of the whole team. To expand my professional skills I always try to learn something new either from the project related activities or from online or classroom training provided by Accenture.

Outside the Office

The right work and live balance is very important for me. For the time I have for myself I prefer jogging or yoga classes. Besides I find some time for personal development. I listen audio books and read articles on personal growth and try to find from the described practices the best for myself. One of them is to get up early in the morning. As well I like to watch documentary films on extra ordinary phenomenon and events in our live.

My Advice

Be active and proactive to find what interests you more either at work or in your personal life and just go for it. Keep your eyes open for the world around you!