Aleksandrs S.


Aleksandrs S.


Performance Test and Test Automation Team Lead



Area of Interest

Technology Careers

Career Area

Technology Architecture


Engineer of Computer Science

About Me

What I Do
Guarantee that our client receives high quality performance testing services.

Day In My Life
After getting a good night’s sleep- I get to the office and start my day with a cup of tea. After I am mentally warmed up, I start in on the tasks in the daily plan that I made the day before. On a typical daily plan you might see analyzing test results, correcting test code, reviewing requirements analysis etc. Once my whole team is in the office, we run through a short status meeting, just to keep on track with who is doing what and who needs some help. Then the rest of the day I continue with testing and work coordination activities.

Outside The Office
My hobbies include different kinds of active leisure and extreme sports. I like hiking, roller skating, snowboarding or sometimes just walking in the park.

My Advice
Do your best in the things you can control. For all the rest just practice breathing exercises to stay calm and things mostly work out by themselves.