Accenture Latvia Programming schools (Bootcamps)

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Accenture Bootcamps are intensive 1-4 weeks long trainings with a mixture of teamwork, self-study, workshops and hands-on experience during Summer. Bootcamp aim is to train Accenture’s potential employees. The training is close to everyday work in projects where the emphasis is put on practical tasks and team collaboration.

Candidates that successfully pass the course will obtain a certificate acknowledging the attendance of the courses and be offered a paid internship with a chance to join Accenture’s team!

Required knowledge to attend:

  • For Programming Schools: basic knowledge in Programming Theory, OOP Concept, WEB technologies, ability to write simple SQL statements.

  • For PM Assistants training: good MS Office knowledge (Excel, PowerPoint, and Project), skills in working with large data sets and the ability to work independently and in teams.

For applying please send us your CV in English to

Description of Bootcamps

Join Accenture’s Java Bootcamp – you will learn theory, and how to use in practice world’s most popular programming language – Java. During our Bootcamp you will gain knowledge in Java programming, architecture and design, as well as testing and methodology fundamentals. This is the best and safest way how to start your professional career! Use this opportunity to grow, prove yourself and join Accenture’s team!

Test automation:
Software testing is the process of evaluating a software item to detect differences between functional or non-functional requirements and actual functionality. Testing assesses the quality of the product. In requires planning, monitoring, design and execution phases. Usage of automated testing helps to achieve high quality, efficiency and shorten time needed for test execution. In this course, you will learn software testing fundamentals, will practically apply test design techniques, and will get basic skills in Java, Selenium and Cucumber. The last part of the training is devoted to practical test automation implementation for the demo project.

PM Assistant:
Are you interested in being an assistant to a Project Manager in the largest IT Company in Latvia? The Project Manager’s Assistant (PM Assistant) Bootcamp is your opportunity to learn about project management frameworks in order to start your internship and career at Accenture. Participate and learn some of the key practices required for project control purposes.

Big Data:
“Data” means any information assets, including Big Data (high volume, high velocity, high variety information and data veracity). “Analytics” is what we can do with this information. With the development of Data & Analytics, new professions have emerged in the market: data engineers and data scientists. Data engineers are the builders and masters of various information systems. Data scientists, in the other hand, are people who know how to extract knowledge or insights from these large volumes of data, which come in various forms. In this case, data scientists don’t work so much with theoretical hypotheses as with practical applications; like how to detect fraud in electronic payment transactions or which products a user is most likely to purchase.

Web & Mobile:
Web/Frontend part: Learn the skills of Frontend development in this fast-paced, hands-on Bootcamp. We will start with learning basics of HTML/CSS/JS and gradually move to learning ReactJS and NodeJS to build Single Page Application. Mobile part: Learn Mobile Development for the currently changing business demands. Do native mobile development in iOS platform, continue with a cross-platform application in React Native utilizing both React/JS and iOS skills.

Microsoft .NET:
Eager to build the next Twitter or Instagram? Apply for Microsoft .NET Bootcamp and learn about the latest software development practices and approaches. Become a master of teamwork and collaboration. Receive feedback from our best coaches and start your career in the IT industry.

SAP ABAP Eclipse & UI5:
Have you ever thought about how business processes are driven in the world’s largest companies like BMW or Coca-Cola? What is the software that drives the biggest supermarket chains like Rimi? You have a unique opportunity to learn the SAP ABAP programming language and become familiar with SAP products that are used by the biggest companies in the world. Our Bootcamp covers Human Resources, Finance, Sales, Materials Management and many other areas.

Robotics process automation:
Today Robotics Process Automation is about configuring Virtual Robots that imitate human actions in tasks that require human-software interaction. It's the simplest type of the Artificial Intelligence, and one of the most relevant and in-demand trends for many of Accenture's clients. RPA is a rule-based automation which utilizes User Interface recognition and manipulation technologies to execute business processes in a human-like manner, that's non-disruptive to existing applications. Automation developers work closely with Web, MS Office, Java, Mainframe, SAP and other technologies, although we value logic and analytical thinking more than pre-existing experience in our candidates. Tomorrow's RPA will evolve in sync with AI and Cognitive computing, which makes it one of the most exciting specialties in Accenture.

Digital economy is redefining the market.Future success of large enterprises is not anymore only integration, large automated data processing and business processes, but in getting super-complex information in real time and in predictive analytics. Traditional architectures and databases are not able to deal with such complexity. SAP HANA Platform is able to resolve this gap.

SAP HANA is in-memory database,Platform for Application development,Processing services, Integration and Quality services and Data management.SAP HANA is common core for the next generation of SAP solutions and is available on premise and in the cloud.

SAP Hybris:
Join the Hybris bootcamp to learn the leading Java-based e-commerce platform and to become one of the most demanded Java developers/solution architects in the world. You will solve the real business tasks and help to grow companies like Samsung, H&M, Vodafone, NHL, Audi and more than 2500 others in Europe and across the globe. You will use Java to create a new brave world where you can buy or sell something and get the better experience. Hybris is a brand, product and a leader. Built on a single platform and based on open standards, it offers the most agile and extensible software. It means simple available guides, how-to, manuals, helps. It means a great developer community and their own part on the stack overflow. So you will never been alone.

Business process consulting on SAP platform:
SAP helps organizations to fight the damaging effects of complexity, generate new opportunities for innovation and growth, and stay ahead of the competition in the business world. You will learn system which has business models for Logistics, Finance, Analytics, Controlling and other areas. We will teach you how to adjust the system process, create business documentation and communicate with clients.

At its heart, DevOps is a full contact, collegiate team sport that involves all specialties. System thinking is a part of DevOps DNA, and as a result, successful DevOps approaches incorporate Business, Development, Architecture, Operations, Customers and Service Providers in an attempt to drive ever-increasing improvements. DevOps uses automation techniques to optimize collaboration between development and operations, enabling faster, more predictable and more frequent deployments to market. The most popular tools we use: GIT, SVN, Jenkins, SonarQube, Docker, Chef, Gradle, Nexus and others.

Office 365 cloud technologies:
Office 365 (or O365) is a subscription based cloud product of Microsoft that includes access to Office applications and many other productivity services. The aim of the Bootcamp is assist the participating students in developing their O365 knowledge, equip them with technical skills needed by industry and provide an insight into the role of a O365 system engineer.