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Casual Male: Launch a digital superstore

Accenture’s Acquity Group builds a sophisticated, multi-brand eCommerce site for Casual Male’s new, all-in-one brand, Destination XL.


In 2010, Casual Male approached Acquity Group to develop a digital presence that would mirror the physical store concept of the new Destination XL brand.

The Destination XL solution would need to provide multiple ways for customers to understand the product assortment (over 15,000 styles) and allow them to quickly locate product options based on a variety of criteria, easily identify their favorite Casual Male products and seamlessly shop with one cart across the website.

To help Casual Male create an online presence that would mirror the brick-and-mortar Destination XL experience, Acquity Group executed a multi-phase strategy that leveraged new learnings as well as proven experience in the digital space.


The task of designing and building a Destination XL eCommerce solution presented several significant challenges:

User Experience
With thousands of products and over 650,000 SKUs, designing a user-friendly eCommerce site that incorporated user’s preferences and behaviors - without frustrating them - was paramount.

Despite Casual Male’s clear success in apparel retailing, called for an impressive skill set in the area of digital merchandising. To be successful, Casual Male recognized that the solution would need to incorporate “shop by size” filters, product reviews and other advanced features.

Creating the new would require Acquity Group to aggregate the breadth of product lines from five distinct brands into a new, multichannel digital identity, with retail store brand elements still in-process.

Drive the development of a single, coherent overall visual style for Destination XL, representing distinct product markets and independent business units, each with its own unique brand.


To help Casual Male execute the project, Acquity Group create a multi-phase strategy that leveraged new learnings as well as proven experience in the digital space.

Several designs with clickable prototypes were tested, focusing on customer preferences and expectations, significantly improving user confidence and conversion rates.

Acquity Group also worked with Casual Male to better understand the photographic elements of the site and to make the site’s images more consistent with Destination XL’s brand aesthetic.

Following multiple rounds of design and testing, Acquity Group delivered an eCommerce solution that aligned well with the Destination XL concept featuring the following:

Home Page Visibility The homepage of the site features top line visibility to the brand’s major product categories as well as identifiable tabs that allow users to go directly to each of Destination XL’s five distinct brands.

Size Profiler Since size and fit are critical factors for big and tall apparel shoppers, across products and styles, Acquity Group incorporated a size profiler into the site design.

Shared Shopping Cart Users have the ability to shop all Casual Male brands across the website using a shared shopping cart, mimicking the experience in brick-and-mortar Destination XL stores.

Outfitting The outfitting feature is a valuable merchandising tool that provides customers with image-based suggestions for outfits, again reflecting the in-store Destination XL experience and bringing together products from Casual Male’svarious brands into a single visual display.


 By all accounts, has been a complete success — effectively translating the Destination XL brand into an eCommerce superstore. Customers now have instant exposure to all five brands and the complete Casual Male product catalog. The solution satisfies customer demand for access to a variety of product and allows them to efficiently shop by their unique size.

The site architecture delivers a user experience that has been finely tuned to reflect customer shopping patterns and the Destination XL in-store shopping experience.

From a technical standpoint, the new Destination XL platform negated the need for an internal development organization. Rather than having to maintain six different web applications, there is now a single web application maintained by Acquity Group, creating efficiences for site maintenance, and also for catalog and content changes—which are now performed across the application with a single entry.

"We are happy to now offer our customers the entire collection of Casual Male Retail Group's product catalogs in a powerful, one-stop-shop web experience."

Dennis Hernreich

Casual Male's COO and CFO