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Hospitality company:
Driving energy efficiency
through smart building

Improved efficiency, sustainability and over $250,000 savings in one year with Accenture's Smart Building Solutions


Accenture implemented Accenture Smart Building Solutions to help the client reduce power consumption and identify equipment optimization opportunities. With the new capabilities, the hospitality company saved more than $250,000 in one year, enhanced its sustainability credentials and significantly improved operational efficiency.


The client was facing cost pressures with respect to energy consumption at one of its flagship hotels. The company wanted to save money by reducing energy consumption and optimizing the maintenance of its building equipment while maintaining or improving guest comfort. It was also looking to cut its carbon footprint and enhance operational efficiency. The client engaged Accenture to implement Accenture Smart Building Solutions (ASBS) at the hotel and recommend solutions to reduce energy and maintenance costs.


ASBS is a suite of industry-leading, innovative solutions that leverages Accenture’s traditional strengths in data integration, analytics and program management. ASBS made the hotel staff more effective in their efforts to reduce energy consumption and enabled them to forecast their energy needs more accurately.

Accenture used the ASBS toolset to identify opportunities to reduce the frequency and impact of building equipment faults. Additionally, Accenture drove a host of improvements to cut carbon emissions, enhance guest comfort and reduce equipment downtime. Accenture also created dashboards to measure performance and report results on a monthly basis to allow the client to track the progress and understand the impact of corrective actions implemented through the program.


Within just 18 months, Accenture helped the hospitality company save more than 2,000,000 kWh of electricity and over 135,500m3 of natural gas. In one year, the client realized savings of more than $250,000 and reduced its energy usage by 9.4 percent, which is equivalent to avoiding 188,850 gallons of gasoline or 3,900 barrels of oil. This is also equivalent to the carbon sequestered by 43,000 tree seedlings grown for 10 years, or growing 59,939,000 square foot of forest in one year. Furthermore, Accenture reported several instances of overcharging in the client’s power vendor accounts and helped it save $71,200 in procurement costs.

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