Trust, transparency and traceability

Creating business value through enhanced trust and reduced risk across the value chain


Businesses today are facing unprecedented pressure from stakeholders to have greater visibility and engagement across their supply chain. Building trust has become even more challenging as digital transformation disrupts the status quo.

Accenture Strategy works with organizations to identify the traceability and transparency capabilities, solutions and partnerships that will generate value and build trust:

  • Understand new risks and opportunities in a highly engaged and digital market: Determine where companies are vulnerable across their end-to-end value chain (e.g. sourcing locations, supplier relationships, consumer engagement); quantify the value at stake and develop focused traceability and transparency strategies.

  • Leverage digital technologies to manage risks and drive engagement across the value chain: Assess the digital technology landscape to identify and implement the appropriate tools to achieve product and performance visibility across the end-to-end value chain and support digitally enabled information exchange.

  • Build trust by meeting stakeholder expectations and demonstrating understanding: Identify and help build partnerships for collaboration across the end-to-end value chain, and support proactive sharing of agreed product insights, plans and progress information at the right time, with the right people, through the right channels.

  • Strengthen organisational ethics, conduct and culture to build stakeholder confidence: Review company culture, engage stakeholders, develop interventions and create buy-in to drive continuous improvement in ethics and culture leading to improved decision making and corporate trust.

By better navigating the trust, traceability and transparency journey business leaders can turn costs and risks into business opportunities.


Business leaders collaborate with Accenture Strategy to use sustainability as a lens for value creation, in a digitally disrupted world, driving innovation and growth. We help clients to integrate sustainable approaches into organizations' strategies, operating models, processes and technologies, to embrace the rapidly evolving ecosystem in which they reside.

Accenture Strategy is uniquely positioned to help you develop and implement a tailored trust, transparency and traceability strategy through the application of three key principles:

  • Inclusive – involvement of functions, and stakeholders as early as possible to align on terminology, understanding, opportunity and risk

  • Outcome focused – clearly defined trust, traceability and transparency strategy outlining why, where, what and how

  • Collaborative – enhanced visibility or process and performance through engagement and partnerships across the organisation and value chain

We also help clients develop deep insights on sustainability issues based on our ongoing investments in research, including recent studies on consumer and investor expectations and global executive opinion on corporate sustainability and climate change.

"In the Consumer Goods industry, savings of over $26 billion can be realized through reduced operating costs and efficiencies from improving supply chain transparency and product traceability"

Managing Director, Accenture Strategy, Sustainability

Walking the walk: Driving competitiveness through ethical supply chains


Accenture is well placed to help organizations achieve transparency and traceability goals with a set of strategy, digital and operations capabilities that generate long-lasting trust.

The trust, transparency and traceability solutions address:

  • Business strategy: Assessing stakeholder expectations, what to measure, trace and be transparent on; design business and operational models; identify and quantify social, environmental and business value

  • Operational strategy: Addressing sourcing and procurement, supply chain (such as logistics, inventory management), product innovation and development, industry engagement, customer and consumer route to market

  • Digital strategy and implementation: Assisting with technology and partner solution review and selection to accelerate and scale strategy implementation

  • Stakeholder engagement: Identifying and designing strategic partnerships for collaboration, covering implementation, certifications and standards, audit and compliance