Organization and Program Strengthening

Crafting organizations and programs to thrive in an evolving international development landscape


The nature of international development is changing, with the recognition that to deliver the Sustainable Development Goals, organizations need to go “beyond aid” and embrace new approaches to innovation and adaptation.

International development organizations regularly operate complex, multi-sectoral programs in multiple geographies. To thrive in this disrupted future, these programs require a high performing and agile workforce, strong operational processes and innovative approach to program design to effectively respond to rapidly changing development needs, increased donor and beneficiary expectations, and shifting funding sources.

Why Accenture

Having a strong and vibrant core is essential to the health, wellbeing and ultimate success of an organization or program.

Accenture Development Partnerships is uniquely positioned to blend deep commercial and development experience in talent strategy and organizational design, supply chain strategy and operations, change management and learning to help development organizations build the capability, resilience and agility needed to most effectively serve the poor and vulnerable.

Accenture Development Partnerships helps development organizations understand their core competencies, and then design and build the essential elements of people, process and technology in order to drive transformative change and real impact.

"We have made Oxfam history. The decisions made on humanitarian and regional arrangements will change Oxfam and make it fit for the future. We made the decisions through a smooth and efficient process, and that is the result of Accenture Development Partnerships professional and passionate work."
CEO, Oxfam International

Specific Services

Talent strategy/Workforce of the future. Applying the latest digital solutions and strategic thinking to help organizations develop the high-performing workforce required for success in the digital disrupted future

Organization change. Helping clients develop an organization with the required culture and behaviors to capitalize on disruption with change strategies to improve success rates across transformation programs

Supply chain. Combining global industry experience and skills in supply chain strategy and operations to transform supply chain capabilities—from procurement to last mile distribution

Program design. Bringing an innovative, comprehensive and integrated approach to program design to increase the pace, certainty and outcomes

Business process transformation. Designing and implementing best practice core processes to reduce costs, enhance efficiency and productivity, and minimize risk—protecting and optimizing resources