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Integrated, accessible opportunity-to-cash

Accenture opportunity to cash for oilfield equipment and services

Driving certainty in an uncertain market environment

With upstream exploration and production companies allocating less funds to new capital projects, oilfield equipment and services (OFES) providers must respond to revenue and cost optimization pressures in order to remain competitive.

Until now, the OFES opportunity-to-cash cycle has been siloed, and characterized by information leakage, poor resource management, and invoice inaccuracies. Shifts in the industry such as changing customer and employee expectations create an imperative for these silo functions to collaborate and go digital.

The Accenture Opportunity to Cash solution for OFES combines:

  • Accenture’s global OFES industry knowledge and extensive industry experience

  • The intelligence of the Apttus Configure Price Quote and Contract Management solutions and

  • The strengths of the Salesforce® platform, including Sales, Service and Community Clouds

The solution allows OFES companies to seamlessly integrate their OTC ecosystem, capture and digitize data at the source, and flow the data upstream and downstream enabling a single version of the truth for invoicing.


Delivering results

  1. Purpose-built industry solution for oilfield equipment and services providers

  2. Fosters creation of better and faster quotes, and deal construct communicated downstream to prevent revenue leakage

  3. Drives process standardization and adherence, eliminating non-value-add tasks, and flexible to business needs

  4. Highly efficient implementation to optimize investments and mitigate the risk inherent in large-scale implementations

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