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Accenture financial services talent and organization


Andrew Woolf

Andrew Woolf, Managing Director – Financial Services
Talent & Organization Practice Lead

We support banks, insurers and capital markets firms as they empower their people, change their workplace and transform their corporate culture to thrive in a disruptive, increasingly digital marketplace.

Financial Services firms are realizing that the benefit of technology lies not so much in the efficiencies it brings. Rather, it is in its potential to enable their people to become more and accomplish more. Their response to digital disruption is therefore to put people first—to help them adapt, learn and evolve, challenge the status quo, create new solutions and drive change.

These "liquid workforces" create a powerful competitive advantage. Their flexibility and responsiveness allow the organization to adapt swiftly to threats and new opportunities, always keeping up with changes in customer needs and market conditions.

We work with our clients to assist them in achieving this transformation. We help them create a culture that embeds change in their DNA. We enhance their agility through new nimble organizations and operating models. And most importantly, we help them develop their people—their skills, their attitudes to change, their ways of working and how they are managed and led.

In short, we help them shape their organization and build their capabilities to succeed in an ever-changing digital world.

Transforming Financial Services

This short video looks at the nature and intensity of change in financial services and how firms can respond effectively.


Talent & Organization for Financial Services has three main offerings:
Change, People & Culture, and Human Resources.

  1. Change helps banks, insurers and capital markets firms transform their businesses, maximizing return on their change investments and reducing execution risk. We assist our clients in developing their change capability and becoming more agile businesses, both internally and through managed services that leverage our onshore and offshore facilities. Our world-class capabilities help shape, deliver and embed change in a way that focuses on change outcomes and value. And the insights gained by using our ChangeTracking® tool allow our clients to make their change programs quantifiably successful.

  2. People & Culture recognizes the profound impact that digital is having on work and the workforce. We assist clients in optimizing their organization design, and planning and managing the workforce and work changes that enable the new design. We help them transform their corporate culture and achieve leadership alignment.

  3. Human Resources embraces the spectrum of services that enable firms to design and implement their vision and roadmap for a strategic HR function that breaks traditional boundaries to deliver business outcomes. These services are organized in three basic categories: HR strategy; the design, construction and deployment of a new HR operating model; and the digitization of HR.


Accenture is a global leader in providing innovative solutions that drive measurable improvements in the performance of people. We maintain a relentless focus on outcomes beyond cost reduction—results such as effective digital transformation, better adaptability to new systems and processes, and higher workforce engagement, retention and productivity.

We have a proven track record of delivering these benefits with certainty, enabled by our global infrastructure and extensive experience:

  • A recognized market leader in human capital management: Accenture has been rated a leader by analysts across three disciplines: HR consulting, cloud services and HR outsourcing. We have also won multiple awards recognizing our human capital capabilities and accomplishments.

  • Extensive experience with human capital technologies and solutions: As the world’s leading systems integrator, Accenture is deeply experienced with a full spectrum of human capital technology solutions, from traditional ERP to newer SaaS approaches.

  • Deep industry expertise: We understand the industry change pressures and how to make change successful within financial services. Our tools, assets and services are tailored to the unique environments of the industry, and we have a large body of professionals dedicated to financial services.

  • Global reach and scale: Accenture’s world-class delivery capabilities bring together our global reach, innovative solutions, industrialized assets and deep Financial Services and technology skills. We have Human Capital professionals in all markets, deployed in advisory roles as well as managed services.

  • Commitment to research and innovation: We help define new generations of solutions based on scientific analysis and research, and on our broad experience with Financial Services clients around the world. Just one example is our unique ChangeTracking® research tool, which brings science to what was previously the art of change management.

  • The full breadth of Accenture: We have unparalleled access to expertise across the spectrum of corporate enhancement, which we can draw on to support any aspect of workforce transformation.


Andrew Woolf

Andrew Woolf

Managing Director – Financial Services Talent & Organization Practice Lead

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Andrew Young

Andrew Young

Managing Director – Financial Services Talent & Organization, Change Offering Lead

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Rosario Russo

Rosario Russo

Managing Director – Financial Services Talent & Organization, Human Resources Lead

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