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Accenture Cyber Defense Platform: Making it hard for adversaries to succeed

Building business resilience with an elite combination of industry-leading solutions


Proliferating data, expanding attack surfaces

Global businesses are staring down an aggressive and increasingly sophisticated array of security threats.

As data proliferates and potential attack surfaces expand, many organizations struggle to establish a holistic strategy to protect their most valuable digital assets.

A recent shift in cyber security investments toward detection and remediation is proving insufficient to combat the relentlessness of today’s attacks. Overwhelmed by data, traditional security management tools are simply too slow to keep up.

To help businesses tackle the growing list of challenges, we’ve teamed with Splunk, Palo Alto Networks and Tanium to develop a comprehensive solution: the Accenture Cyber Defense Platform (ACDP).


Delivering the desired results across endpoints and networks represents a major leap forward in mitigating risks.

With Splunk, Palo Alto Networks and Tanium, tied together with customized Accenture software, capabilities and industry acumen, ACDP helps organizations:

Reduce the number of point products.

Reduce the number of point products.

Increases their security postures and resilience.

Increase their security postures and resilience.

Accelerate their security maturity curves.

Accelerate their security maturity curves.

ACDP helps harden organizations by addressing these challenges:



The attack surface is expansive, diverse and misunderstood, and asset management continues to be a major, unsolved challenge. Organizations don’t always know what assets they need to protect or how to prioritize their concerns--especially as it applies to business risk and industry nuances.


Organizations are currently focusing on and investing in detection and remediation technologies, which alone are not enough to fight today’s high volume of increasingly sophisticated attacks.



Traditional security information and event management tools are becoming too slow, due to the large volumes of data they ingest, resulting in overwhelming amounts of incoming data that cannot be parsed.



Tasks that incident responders need to perform are time-consuming, including scoping the extent of a problem, collecting contextual information and containing and stopping the incidents from progressing further.



Incident recovery often requires an outage and significant downtime. In addition, restoring systems to their pre-infection statuses is not always feasible.


Fully equipped to defend

Ultimately, we help solidify an organization’s security posture so it’s fully equipped to fend off the most onerous threats and protect its customer data, its reputation and its bottom line.

Our use cases for ransomware, unmanaged assets and other real-world examples demonstrate how an across-the-board, automated solution can greatly mitigate risks while reducing costs.

The integrated solutions of Splunk, Palo Alto Networks, Tanium and Accenture comprise a powerful platform that helps businesses improve security today and protect tomorrow’s enterprise IT environments.

Learn more about ACDP, our use cases and the innovative technologies of our ACDP partners.