Audit Operations Efficiency

Predictive analytics can help auditors to reduce fraud and losses.


While detecting refund fraud and reducing losses is a key goal for audit managers in public service organizations, conducting a detailed analysis of audit claims information is usually difficult, time consuming and expensive to do. To help auditors quickly identify and stop improper behavior involving refunds, Accenture’s Audit Operations Efficiency application for Public Service covers the end-to-end fraud detection process—from creating risk models that detect risky cases, to analyzing claim data to determine if it is fraudulent, to closing out the investigation. And it provides managers with insights that help them to identify risky refund claim behavior and take action.


The Audit Operations Efficiency application for Public Service leverages advanced analytics and provides audit managers with insights on fraudulent refund claim behavior via data visualizations, so they can be easily understood and encourage quick action. Through the use of predictive analytics, the application can identify risk indicators for individual payers, identify patterns in the data, and learn from data to help prevent fraudulent instances in the future.​

Key features

  • Risk indicator for each business rule at all levels to integrate the industry knowledge
  • Ability to manage events / transactions
  • Ability to manage real-time monitoring and alerting logic