Agribusiness: Sustainability

Developing sustainability solutions which spur innovation, drive operational efficiencies and generate significant cost savings

Accenture defines sustainability as how an organization creates value for its shareholders and society by maximizing the positive and minimizing the negative effects on social, environmental and economic issues and stakeholders.

Our aim is to help agribusinesses develop sustainable solutions that spur innovation, drive operational efficiencies and generate significant cost savings that improve the bottom line. And we understand that sustainability must be linked to an organization's larger performance management goals.

Policy and Regulation
National or global regulations on sustainability have major impacts on agribusinesses. While these policies have the potential to lead to positive change, they can also create major disruptions to existing business models. Accenture can help organizations navigate the uncertainties of new sustainability policies and regulations by evaluating and developing sustainability modeling and planning solutions, allowing clients to better understand future sustainability challenges and opportunities for their organization.

Innovation and New Business
By viewing sustainability as a driver to innovate and create opportunity, organizations are poised to perform at the highest level of social responsibility. Accenture helps agribusinesses integrate the principles of sustainability into both their everyday business processes and their strategic decision making to unlock innovation and travel the road to high performance.

Sustainable Operations
As sustainability becomes more of a focus for governments and consumers, agribusinesses are finding themselves at the center of increasing pressure to build sustainable practices. From increasing sustainability in the supply chain without sacrificing efficiency to sustainable consumption and environmental health and safety management, Accenture uses proven methodologies to help organizations integrate sustainability into the fabric of strategies and operating models under the banner of an intelligent infrastructure.