In brief

In brief

  • Grocery shoppers rank quality as extremely important, making it imperative that grocers understand what premium and quality mean to their shoppers.
  • Make customers the hero of their family meal to win their loyalty. Shoppers are looking for the perfect balance of cost, convenience and quality.
  • While shopping preferences vary by customer, grocers must delight shoppers wherever and however they shop–including online.

Grocers must evolve from being the most convenient place to stock the kitchen to be a constant partner that provides the right nourishment in consumers’ lives. Through the use of analytics, data and social media, grocers will be able to understand the products that customers (and their families) want, as well as the practices they wish to support. By maintaining a quality selection and anticipating the needs of customers, retailers will quickly become the first choice of shoppers.

Trust matters: The top factors influencing customer purchases*


Trust of the grocery provider and its products and services. 93% for baby boomers.


Offers best range of options so you can buy majority of items in one place. 86% for baby boomers.

Quality matters... and customers are willing to pay more for it*

More shoppers than ever before are searching for quality and are wiling to "trade up" during the holidays.

As grocers begin to take advantage of the personal information that shoppers are willing to share, they will be able to create more personalized experiences–and win the heart of their customers.

*Statistics and additional information compiled from the Accenture US Holiday Shopping 2018 survey results.

Lori Zumwinkle

Managing Director, Accenture Retail


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Shoppers want to feel they are heard by retailers, they want to spend their dollars at a store they can trust. Understanding customers is vital to keeping their loyalty.

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