Embracing new IT isn’t an option, it’s survival. But just because you’ve got a strategy to move to the cloud or exploit a digital opportunity doesn’t mean you have sufficient business agility to successfully make the move. Your network must keep up.

Accenture and Cisco have developed the processes and tools to help companies define the right network for its ongoing needs. Digital X-Ray is a comprehensive appraisal of your current network capabilities—compared with the capabilities needed to support digital cloud—and can help you identify particular use cases to move toward a new architecture.

The road to a digital-ready network is available today. Are you on it?

Whether your business is embracing new digital technologies or moving to the cloud, your network needs to be up to the task.

Are you going Digital without a Net?

The network is a vital component of today’s digital businesses, playing a central role in enabling companies to fully leverage cloud and digital technologies for maximum impact. Yet many IT leaders still struggle with transforming their traditional, hardware-based network to drive real innovation and business growth.

What's needed is an analysis of current network capabilities, compared against the capabilities needed to support digital and cloud. Accenture’s experience with hundreds of companies has helped to define a business case-driven analysis to help gain visibility into potential benefits.

Long live the network! The rise of network automation

With the shift to software-defined networks, automation capabilities are reducing human error and providing more and easier ways to automate the deployment, management and change of network services.

Many companies today have 25 to 50 percent of their equipment at end of life, and even the equipment that isn’t necessarily ready for retirement often runs configurations and OS code that are years old and full of security holes. Why? Because it’s challenging to physically go to each site and have someone manually update each piece of network equipment with the latest patches and then test that equipment. Automation enables companies to perform updates faster and more seamlessly.


Estimated number of connected devices by 2025


Average annual increase in companies’ network bandwidth requirements


Annual voice and data network spend per employee1

Digital X-Ray Executive Overview

Digital X-Ray Benefits: Learn more about the benefits delivered by Digital X-Ray as it reveals network gaps against target architectures optimized for specific business needs.

1 Gartner IT Key Metrics Data 2018: Key Infrastructure Measures: Voice and Data Network Analysis: Multiyear. December 11, 2017.

Charles Nebolsky

Managing Director – Accenture Technology​​

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