5 data security tips for the digital era

Learn how to plan your approach to data security with insight from Accenture Technology Vision.


The explosive growth of big data to support the digital business era and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) opens up great opportunities for enterprises, along with new security concerns to be addressed. Plan your end-to-end security approach with these recommendations from Accenture.

Enable secure, autonomous devices at the edge

As edge devices such as sensors and smart meters increase and become more autonomous, security should encompass the potential risks to those devices, such as physical tampering, data integrity or unauthorized access. Understand and proactively address the security implications of decisions being made at the edge. Manage and safeguard edge devices and the end-to-end technologies that enable intelligent decisions.

Make data-driven decisions at IIoT scale

Increasingly larger amounts of data are collected, processed and analyzed by organizations. Establish end-to-end security on data. Develop and maintain a data assurance program as the center of your IIoT strategy. Build a data assurance program that directly ties to the business model and enables more informed decisions based on accurate data.​

Secure the volume, variety and velocity of big data

The exponential growth of big data is straining traditional database management systems. In moving to big data platforms, apply the principles of information security across all aspects of data collection and management. Take a data-centric security approach to address the volume, acquisition velocity and data variety being collected for the organization.

Maximize protection across digital ecosystem platforms

Digital industry and cross-industry ecosystems and platforms are developing to support the IIoT. Combine operational and security information across the enterprise—and across platforms—to help businesses respond effectively to the rapidly changing cyber landscape. Work with ecosystem partners to brainstorm security challenges and develop responses.

Build customer trust in a digital economy

Successful digital enterprises will establish and maintain customer trust from how they collect and protect their data. Be vigilant with security and privacy practices so as to not compromise customers’ experiences or lose their trust. Follow proactive and ethical data stewardship practices and offer enhanced services that are consistent with customers’ expectations of privacy and personalized, seamless experiences.​


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