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Embracing agility: Two critical actions for oil and gas companies

Continued market volatility demands flexible, adaptable oil and gas businesses.

The oil and gas industry is being called upon to respond to market volatility at a much faster pace than ever before. Arthur Hanna, Accenture’s Strategy lead, outlines the importance of embracing both operating model and workforce changes to achieve business agility.

“…organizations are going to have to respond in very different ways than perhaps they responded even a few years ago.”


Arthur Hanna
Arthur Hanna
Senior Managing Director, Accenture Strategy

Arthur is the Accenture leader of the global energy strategy practice, overseeing a global team of 500 dedicated strategy consultants based in 20 countries. He is a member of Accenture’s Global Leadership Council and a member of the Accenture Strategy Leadership Team. He is a Global Agenda Council member for Oil and Gas of the World Economic Forum, and in 2015-16 will be heading Accenture’s work with the World Energy Council on Energy Scenarios.