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Fit for tomorrow

As healthcare consumers become more digitally intense, providers need to raise their game.


Forty percent of US healthcare consumers expect a convenient, customized, non-stop experience when they shop for healthcare. They won’t hesitate to switch providers if they find a better service elsewhere—but once satisfied, these digitally intense patients are not only more loyal; they’re also more valuable. Indeed, providing them with a superior customer experience can boost hospital margins by as much as 50 percent. Providers should ensure that their own digital intensity aligns with that of each type of digital customer.


Key findings

Patients’ expectations and behaviors are changing fast:

  • Today’s healthcare provider game is increasingly an outpatient game. Between 2010 and 2014 inpatient admissions to US hospitals dropped by 6 percent while outpatient admissions rose by 6 percent. In an outpatient setting, people behave more like retail consumers.

  • Age is not decisive. 45% of digitally intense healthcare consumers are 35+. All digitally intense consumers shop around more aggressively than traditional consumers.

Understanding is key. Once their needs are met, digitally intense consumers are more loyal to their provider than more traditional consumers: 67% vs. 27%.

Under pressure


Systems that discern the needs and attitudes of consumers with clarity will be positioned to win in tomorrow’s healthcare market.

  • See your patients for who they are, not how old they are. Understanding consumers’ digital intensity is a fundamental requirement.

  • Recognize that for today’s consumers the digital and physical worlds are inseparable. The most innovative systems blend digital into their physical locations and care practices.

  • Don’t bandage the past—build for tomorrow. Digital consumers demand excellence throughout their care journey. Cost, convenience and a seamless experience matter most to consumers. Invest in all such capabilities—and start now.


Who we are

Matthew helps C-suite executives around the globe address strategic, commercial and innovation issues, grow their businesses, contain costs, and transform the healthcare community. With more than two decades of experience in building and growing teams, practices and companies across the healthcare landscape, he specializes in redesigning business models and helping organizations profitably manage their evolving customer needs. In addition, he has held CEO roles in a diverse set of healthcare start-up companies. He has held external directorships in a range of pharmaceutical, medical device, and life sciences companies. Matthew is based in San Francisco.


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Leslie Meyer Basham is passionate about helping healthcare clients create stronger, more loyal relationships with consumers and patients, while profitably growing their business. As a senior manager in Accenture’s Health Strategy practice and the co-lead for the Digital Health Consumer offering, she has helped numerous organizations embrace and adapt to market shifts toward consumerism, digital and industry convergence. Leslie has an MBA from Kellogg School of Management and a BSBA from Washington University in St. Louis. Leslie is based in Chicago.

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