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Build resiliency with business Continuity management

Things happen…. hurricanes, power outages, systems malfunctions, cyber attacks, departures of key executives. Through it all, firms must continue operating, serving clients and safeguarding employees. That's where Business Continuity Management comes in.

Business Continuity Management is a series of active and interlocking directives. When done properly, it aligns with a firm's strategic priorities. In this way, it could help to mitigate risks as well as meet regulatory requirements.

The latest entry in our InsideOps series, Business Continuity Management explores this robust undertaking, which includes:

  • Disaster recovery

  • Emergency management

  • Crisis management

  • Governance

  • Third party risk management

  • Cyber security

  • Regulatory standards

You can't stop natural and man-made events from threatening firms. However, you can try to stay the course with Business Continuity Management. Above all, having the right set of tools makes good business sense. Get the details here.

InsideOps | Insights for Asset Management Operations Leaders: Business Continuity Management