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Public Transportation

The public transportation industry is getting squeezed on a number of fronts: budgets are falling short, aging infrastructure continues to cost agencies more money and increasing congestion that is unable to keep pace with capital budgets. Service expectations are also changing with urbanization putting more travelers into the fold—connected travelers who have high expectations for seamless experiences across multimodal networks.


Passenger Rail

The needs of customers are changing. With competitive pressure increasing and the digital revolution taking place, rail operators are facing the imperative to differentiate themselves for customers selecting means of transport.


Freight and Logistics

The global economy offers enormous growth potential for the freight and logistics (F&L) industry; likewise, it creates numerous operational and business challenges. F&L companies need to cut through complexities in all business areas to stay competitive, increase margins and meet market demands. They must serve each customer in the context of its own industry to offer superior service as a one-stop service provider.



Accenture Public Transportation

Accenture Dynamic Transport Solution
Accenture Dynamic Transport Solution helps drive effective decision making and planning in transport networks.

Ticketing-as-a-Service: The Future of Transport Ticketing
According to Accenture's study, "The Future of Public Transport," three out of four transit users in major cities want electronic ticketing.

Accenture Freight and Logistics

Accenture Freight and Logistics Software: Overview
Accenture Freight and Logistics Software enables players in the freight industry to migrate to a new operating model in a cost-effective way.

Accenture Air Cargo Suite
Discover how the Air Cargo Suite can improve customer service, optimize freight capacity, and reduce revenue leakage.

Accenture Ocean Cargo Suite
The Accenture Ocean Cargo software suite helps drive more efficient use of assets, while boosting customer satisfaction.

Accenture Port Solutions
Transforming business capabilities.

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Eric Schaeffer

Eric Schaeffer

Senior Managing Director –Transportation, Global