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Banks need a flight plan to navigate the cloud

December 7, 2022 5-分(読了目安時間)


In brief

Banks are gaining altitude, but few have a complete flight path mapped out

Banks face several sources of turbulence on their journey to cloud

The value of the cloud is being challenged

Some see the migration to cloud as an expensive infrastructure project. Instead, this transition should be led by business value, with technological decisions supporting the business case—not the other way around. With the ROI clearly laid out, banks are more likely to move ahead at speed.

Banks struggle with security and compliance

In the tightly regulated banking industry, it’s no surprise security and compliance have slowed the pace of cloud adoption. But, banks that implement security controls early and create a safe environment for the bank’s development community will clear the path to a faster and more secure cloud journey.

Hard to monitor complex distributed cloud systems

With off-premises systems, it can be a challenge to effectively monitor processes and identify problems early and precisely. Building in observability throughout cloud-based systems will help avoid downtime and facilitate problem solving.

Three successful flight paths for banks to follow

Frequently asked questions

Avinash Rao

Managing Director – Global Banking Cloud Lead