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War in Ukraine and a changed world: Accenture’s response

A human tragedy

"This was first and foremost a human tragedy. Of course, there are business implications, but it is a humanitarian crisis above all."

— DR SVENJA FALK, Managing Director – Accenture Research, Head of the Accenture Berlin Office

Immediate responses

Accenture withdraws from Russia

"First, the war in Ukraine is a humanitarian tragedy. It has also created a massive supply shock across the global economy, with energy and food security now top of the agenda, and, finally, it is changing the macroeconomic and geopolitical landscape."

— JEAN-MARC OLLAGNIER, CEO – Europe, Accenture

"People first is not just a slogan"


Accenture's commitment to helping refugees

Case study: Poland

“We keep saying that one of Accenture’s biggest values is people first. This is not just a slogan... Our people were driving their colleagues’ families from the border after work and are hosting refugees at their own homes now.”

— EDYTA GALASZEWSKA, Managing Director – Operations, Accenture Poland

Helping clients

“In this new reality, our clients first asked for immediate help in responding to the disruptions, like managing supply disruptions. Quickly this shifted to looking for more structural vulnerabilities and how to address them to build a more resilient.”

— KRIS TIMMERMANS, Global Lead – Supply Chain

“I’ve been with Accenture for 33 years. This company doesn’t stop amazing me—how we stand behind our values.”

— JAROSLAW KROC, Country Managing Director – Poland

Supporting clients during a volatile time

”I’m so proud of how we are stepping up to help clients. Not because we wanted an additional sale, but because we want to be a true partner and exemplify the values we stand for.”

— VISHAAL GUPTA, Senior Managing Director – Technology, Europe

Progress and ongoing efforts as the war grinds on

“Let’s remember: It hasn’t ended, this story. Hopefully the war itself will be finished [soon], but rebuilding of the physical infrastructure, as well as the rebuilding of [people’s] minds—people are so deeply affected—will take years ”

— JAROSLAW KROC, Country Managing Director – Poland