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Case Study

Turning process friction into flow

Going beyond procurement process mining with new capabilities to deliver major value.

Call for change

When tech meets human ingenuity


Creating analytics for end-to-end visibility and data-driven insights across purchasing, contracts, invoices, supplier setup and vendor master data.


Using the action flows to detect errors, outliers, delays, and non-compliance and to support audit and other business requirements.

Smart notifications

Implementing smart notifications to reduce manual effort and drive correct behavior for approvals and compliance violations.

Transformation Center

Using Celonis to track KPIs across 50 countries and 16 market units. It compares KPIs, sets value thresholds and generates automated notifications.


Organizing KPIs into customized reports that are automatically distributed weekly, strengthening our ability to achieve the outcomes being measured.

"The solution empowers and enables us to get real-time intelligent operational data insights, allowing us to have fact-based conversations about opportunities to remove friction."

— PATRICIA MILLER, Managing Director, Procurement Plus – Digital Transformation, Accenture

A valuable difference

"We have made Celonis integral to our SynOps process mining capabilities to baseline current performance of KPIs, identify process bottlenecks, variations and non-conformance faster than before and are turning the insights into automated remediations."

— RAMKI RAMAN, CTO – Intelligent Finance and Financial Services, Accenture Operations


Annualized working capital benefits delivered by having greater visibility into our pending invoices.


Reduction in invoice approval time.


Improvement in request-to-order time.

Meet the team

Kai Nowosel

Chief Procurement Officer

Patricia Miller

Managing Director, Procurement Plus – Digital Transformation

Krisztina Hamara

Senior Manager, Procurement Plus – Global Procurement Operations

István Bucsuhazy

Manager, Procurement Plus – Global Procurement Operations
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