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  • 背伸びをしてでも目標に手を伸ばさずにはいられない

  • 自分も会社も世の中までも、変えたいと望む

  • ここで成長したあとは「次のステージ」も視野に入れている

  • チャレンジに、手加減をしない

  • タフな状況も、先頭に立ち楽しめる情熱がある

  • 正しい判断のためには、上司との衝突も辞さない

  • 信念に基づき、主張し、実際にやりとげる

  • チームワークの可能性を信じる

  • 多様な文化、相違する意見の中にこそ宝石があると知っている

  • 常に誠実さを失わず、言行一致の気概がある


Candidate Value

At Accenture, we value shared opportunity. We are looking for innovators who can help grow our business
– and in the process, grow their careers.

Our people are our DNA 
– they’re helping make the Accenture of tomorrow.

Accenture people:

  • Always stretch their limits to achieve a goal

  • Are passionate about bettering themselves, the company and the world

  • Are visionaries – they always think a step ahead

  • Thrive in the face of a challenge

  • Are passionate -they seize leadership opportunities wherever they arise

  • Always stand up for what they believe

  • Are assertive – they achieve results and are grounded in their beliefs

  • Recognize the power of teamwork

  • Celebrate the value of diversity in our people, ideas and approach

  • Acting consistently to your commitment with a sense of integrity

We’re looking for people to help carry Accenture into the future. Join us and become greater than you ever imagined.