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European leadership team

Our leaders

Jean-Marc Ollagnier

​CEO – Europe

Rachel Barton

Senior Managing Director – Accenture Strategy Lead, Europe

Yves Bernaert

Lead – Technology, Europe

Andrea Brueckner

Client Account Lead – Europe

Michael Brueckner


Ryan Shanks

Managing Director – The Dock and Europe Innovation

Angelo d'Imporzano

Senior Managing Director, Lead – Consumer Industries, Europe

Paolo Dal Cin

Senior Managing Director, Accenture Security Lead

Eloi Decottignies

Lead – Operations, Europe

Christina Demetriades

General Counsel - Europe

Simon Eaves

Market Unit Lead – UKI

Steve Ferneyhough

Lead – Sales, Europe

Olivier Girard

Market Unit Lead – Gallia

Ulf Henning

Chief Marketing Officer, Europe

Stephanie Jamison

Global Resources Industry Practices Chair

María Liaño

Chief Financial Officer, Europe

Mauro Macchi

Market Unit Lead – ICEG

George Marcotte

Managing Director, UK&I and Europe Lead – Applied Intelligence, Accenture

Domingo Mirón

Market Unit Lead – Iberia

Massimo Morielli

President – Europe, Interactive​

Laurence Morvan

Chief of Staff – Europe

Christina Raab

Market Unit Lead – ASG

Carsten Sachmann

Country Managing Director

Koen Schelfaut

Senior Ma​naging Director – Accenture Cloud First, European lead

Raffaella Temporiti

Chief Human Resources Officer – Europe

Stephan Wernli

Lead – Quality & Risk, Europe

What we think

Reinventing European industries

Accenture outlines how European industries can play to their strengths and move ahead of global peers in the post-pandemic era.

European industries can grow with green

Accelerating decarbonization doesn’t need to mean compromising on growth.

The European double up

A twin strategy that will strengthen competitiveness.

Care to do better – Europe

Building the trust that leaves your people and your business Net Better Off.

Green. But not green enough.

The green energy transition in Europe is a profound source of change—for businesses, people and the planet.

The green behind the cloud in Europe

Accenture shares different levels of ambition organizations can expect as they begin their journey toward a sustainable cloud.

Driving European competitiveness and innovation

COVID-19 Puts Europe at a Competitiveness Crossroads.
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