Podcast Help

What is a podcast?
A podcast is an audio or video file, delivered via an RSS and designed for playback on computers or portable digital audio players, such as an iPod.

How do I watch or listen to a podcast now?
Navigate to the podcast you are interested in and simply click the play arrow on the viewing screen. You may also click the iTunes option, when it’s offered, to listen to the podcast in iTunes.

How do I download to watch or listen to a podcast offline and/or later?

1.  Navigate to the podcast you are interested in and right click the Download Video or Audio link. Select "Save target as" if you're using Internet Explorer or "Save link as" if you use Mozilla Firefox.

2.  Select the location on your hard drive where you want to store the audio or video file, for example, on your desktop.

3.  When the download completes, double click the file name where you save it on your computer. It will play on your computer's default media player, for example Windows Media Player or iTunes.

You can listen to or watch these files whenever you want and whether or not you are online.

How do I subscribe to an Accenture podcast series?
To subscribe to a podcast series, you will need to use a podcast player such as iTunes, or any number of alternatives available on the Web including Google and Yahoo services.

Once you download and install the player, simply add one of Accenture's podcast feeds by clicking on the orange RSS icon beside the feed to which you wish to subscribe. Your podcast reader will automatically check for updates and download the podcast files to your computer. You may then listen to them on your computer or load them onto your portable audio player.

How do I receive alerts for new podcasts?
Subscribe to Accenture’s podcast feeds (see above for how) to receive updates delivered directly to your computer.

Does Accenture charge for subscriptions to its podcasts?
No, Accenture’s podcasts are free.