Make your brand relevant for people

The event was about how to make a brand relevant in the post-digital era where data, space and markets are built around people.

Mark Curtis, Co-Founder & COO at Fjord, led an inspirational introduction on the need for people to feel relevant in a noisy world.

This set the scene for Sid McGrath, Chief Strategy Officer at Karmarama, who talked with Brands about how to build meaningful relationships with people by going beyond the traditional human-brand relationship, which tends to be limited to the moment of purchase. Following this storytelling, an open discussion took place with the executives on how companies can deliver the concept of relevance at scale within the different areas of business.

The Accenture Customer Innovation Network Milan showcased how the human brand experience can be applied to reality.

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Accenture Customer Innovation Network
Piazza Gae Aulenti, 8, Milan, 20154, Italy

The Age of Relevance @ACIN Milan

Il tema di quest’anno è stato la Rilevanza e come rendere un Brand rilevante nell'era post-digitale, dove i dati, lo spazio e i mercati sono costruiti intorno alle persone.

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Event highlights

Mark Curtis, Co-Founder & COO at Fjord, talked about how People are struggling to find their own relevance.

Relevance matters a very great deal. And it's a huge social issue. In fact it may be the biggest social Trend of all in this and the next decade. This is an issue we will be talking about for years to come, and it is a design issue.

In Accenture, we talk about relevance a lot. How can we be relevant to clients? How can we make clients relevant to users, employees, customers and citizens? Relevance it's a very current word.


In a landscape of evolving jobs and roles, increasing use of robotics, the development of new capabilities and workforce borrowing, it has also become more important than ever.

The Accenture Customer Innovation Network Milan (ACIN Milan) is the go-to lab where you can reconfigure your brand perception and maximize its relevance. ACIN Milan works with clients to bring them inspiration, to connect them with the wider ecosystem, to help them discover powerful insights about their customers.

Its assets, facilities, and know-how help position brands in a more relevant space for their customers by co-creating the innovation journeys and realizing their new brand purpose while bringing scale to the transformation journey.

Rise of relevance

Class CNBC interview

How is the Consumer Goods industry changing? The Group Chief Executive—Products, explains how Accenture’s solutions help companies to transform into the new. Watch the video.

ABC for the age of relevance

Accenture, Bocconi and Campari set the pace in Italy. View 3 interviews (Italian only) from Wired that open new perspectives. To make them happen, go to ACIN Milan. Learn more.

Karmarama ‘Brand Nirvana’

Relevance? A brand that you fall for, that you believe in. Something special, of lasting value. It has to be love. One-on-one, but at scale. That’s the challenge. View ideas from Sid McGrath. Learn more.

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Giuliana Ferraino

Journalist - Moderator - Corriere Della Sera​

Alessandro Bonacina


Mark Curtis

Head of Innovation and Thought Leadership – Accenture Song

Angelo d'Imporzano

Products Lead for Italy and Central Europe – Accenture

Bob Kunze-Concewitz

Group Chief Executive Officer - Campari

Sid McGrath

Chief Strategy Officer – Karmarama

Andrea Prati

Worldwide Channels Strategy & Commercial Operations – Costa Crociere

Sander van ‘t Noordende

Group Chief Executive Products – Accenture​

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