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New Rules Of The Game, Ten Strategies For Women In The Workplace by Susan Packard


Susan Packard’s book ‘New Rules of the Game: Ten Strategies for Women in the Workplace’ offers ten insightful strategies for women in business who aspire to reach the top.

A lot has been said about how there are different benchmarks for men and women when it comes to thriving in the corporate world. A woman who is ambitious is often labeled ‘selfish’ and is looked down upon. For a man, being ‘bossy’ is considered as a positive trait whereas for a woman at work, it is considered a negative quality.

Susan Packard, who is the Co-founder of Scripps Network and a former COO of HGTV, strongly believes that if women wish to succeed in the workplace and become leaders in the long run, they need to adhere to the rules of gamesmanship. According to Packard, just like sports, there are certain rules in the business world too which can dramatically help women put their best foot forward and bridge the gender gap at workplace.

She thereby enumerates ten broad strategies for women at work, which would eventually guide them towards the coveted C-suite group. Packard shares insightful advice and personal anecdotes to supplement her perspectives.

Conditioning: The first rule of gamesmanship to excel in the business world is to condition yourself to become the best version of yourself by acquiring the skills that would lend you an edge.

Play it cool: Drawing a parallel with the sports world again, she maintains how just like it is crucial in sports to maintain one’s composure, similarly in the business setting too, success will follow the individual who has a calm and confident air around himself or herself.

Learn to play offense: Grabbing opportunities in the workplace and voicing your opinion to move ahead when the moment demands it is of utmost importance if a woman wants to thrive in the brutal business world.

Master the strategies of brinkmanship: As in games, women need to be sharp enough to strike negotiations and maneuver in such a way that it benefits them.

Build your fan club: Here she focuses on the importance of team support. She emphasizes that it is all the more important for women at work who are very often susceptible to criticism. Thus, building rapport is the key if women want to climb the ladder of success.

Practice, Practice, Practice: This entails the thousands of small feats which equip you to be prepared for greater achievements. Further, Packard enumerates various efficient ways to practice and hone one’s skills.

Suit up: Just like in sports, where every team has a uniform, in business too it is important to brand yourself successfully and the right attire and proper presentation plays a vital role in achieving that.

Exhibit good sportsmanship: In sports, we often talk about sportsmanship. Similarly, in the world of business too, being professional is very important, especially when disagreeing with others.

Show true grit: Giving extensive references from the sports world, Packard establishes that a true leader is someone who has mental fortitude. Here she also talks about how women need to be mentally strong to survive in the long run.

Be a team player: No matter how good a sportsperson you are, you cannot possibly win a team game on your own. In the same way, in business too women need to remember that they cannot thrive in isolation. They need to be good team players.

Thus, Susan Packard’s ‘New Rules of The Game’ offers valuable as well as practical strategies for women at work which are supported with real-life examples and learnings. It is therefore a must read for every women who wants to break the glass ceiling.