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Nice Girls Still Don't Get the Corner Office


How to eliminate the mistakes that sabotage women’s careers.

In this book, the author argues how, from early childhood, girls are made to believe that their ultimate success depends on acting in stereotypical ways, such as being polite, soft-spoken and relationship-driven. It is not that women deliberately behave in self-sabotaging ways – rather they are taught to.

The author highlights 133 behavioral traits in woman which impede career growth. She has categorized these into seven broad categories:

  • How You Play the Game: Understanding the unspoken rules and identifying their imaginary boundaries is key to career success.

  • How You Act: To act as an adult woman and not the little girl you were taught to be in childhood.
  • How You Think: Changing how you think about work, responsibilities, professional relationships and work-life integration goes a long way in reinventing your image.

  • How You Brand and Market Yourself: To create a brand for yourself, identify what distinguishes you from other people in the workplace.

  • How You Sound: The 7-38-55 rule of Personal Communication states that seven percent of your credibility comes from the content of your messages, 38% from how you sound and 55% from how you look.

  • How You Look: Research shows that 55% of credibility comes from appearance. As communications coach Tom Henschel says: “If everyone else comes to work looking like Monday morning and you come in looking like Friday night, it is not going to work for you in the long run.”

  • How You Respond: Your behavioral responses to how others treat you are often so automatic that you do not realize the ramifications they may have on your careers. Dealing with conflict effectively is crucial.

The author has put together a survey at the beginning. This will identify the self-defeating behaviors you tend to engage in.

The self-defeating mistakes in each category are explained with real-life examples and supplemented with coaching tips and recommended reading material. Practicing these tips and incorporating them into your behavior will definitely make a big impact on how you are perceived.