Three Inspiring Books on Women in Tech

Here are three books you must read if you plan to join the IT industry or are a part of it already.

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Women are starting to populate the tech industry like never before and they’re paving an easier way for other women to join in! Here are three books you must read if you plan to join the industry or are a part of it already.

  1. Women in Tech (2017) by Tarah Wheeler Van Vlack
    The book talks to women who are already techies or are aspiring to enter the tech industry. It also offers valuable advice from women already in the industry. The stories of these women are inspiring and raw. It has been written by a female startup CEO and helps the reader unravel the social biases against women in the industry. The book also contains puzzles and codes that can be solved by the readers!
  2. Girls Who Code: Learn to Code and Change the World (2017) by Reshma Saujani
    A group known as “Girls Who Code” taught computing skills to many women across America and has also succeeded in inspiring them to try their hand in the field. The founder of the group, Reshma Saujani, has put together this book to inspire the rest of the world! The book contains tons of illustrations, easy-to-understand explanations of coding principles and stories from women working in top tech companies such as Pixar and NASA. The book shows readers how interesting computer science can be. With its fun illustrations and interactive writing, the book will inspire you to fulfill your own tech dream.
  3. Female Innovators at Work: Women on Top of Tech (2016) by Danielle Newnham
    The book talks of the journeys, experiences and successes of women entrepreneurs and innovators in the tech world. It focuses on various life and career stories that led to these women accomplishing top positions in the industry such as CEOs, CTOs, founders and inventors. The book explores a range of industries such as e-commerce, online education to video games. It also talks of raising capital for one’s own startup and the kind of obstacles women can face in the industry, while providing solutions to them. The book is useful to anyone who wants to discover the tech world from a female perspective or contribute in leveling the field in the male-dominated space.