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Career advice for women in tech: Never stop learning

Marin Grace
Managing Director – Accenture Digital, Advanced Technology Centers in India

Career advice for women in tech: Never stop learning

Marin Grace
Managing Director – Accenture Digital, Advanced Technology Centers in India
With impeccable leadership skills and technical prowess, Marin Grace is redefining the rules of the game for women technologists—especially young women who want to take their careers to new heights.

She credits her career journey from embedded systems developer to dynamic, multifaceted digital leader to her ability to stay on her toes, accept new challenges and remain highly versatile and comfortable with new technologies.

She believes the things that matter when building a successful technology career are competence, confidence, persistence and care.

Marin shares what it takes to get to the top, her leadership style and why travel adventures fill her soul.

You started your illustrious journey with us a decade ago. Tell us about your initial years.

When I joined the Accenture Automotive Embedded Practice as a manager, our leadership team in India was trying to make headway in this exciting space by seizing new client opportunities. It wasn’t an easy road for us because at that time, automotive clients were still hesitant to try out new vendors.

But we stayed laser-focused, and results followed. We sealed large multimillion-dollar deals, including a five-year contract with a tier-1 supplier to lead their digital transformation. And that was just the beginning.

How did you propel your career into overdrive, from embedded software to internet of things (IoT) to experience transformation?
The exposure I got by working with our automotive clients gave me confidence to expand my horizons into a variety of roles working with other key industries.

Over the next few years, I played many distinct roles: Mobility Capability Lead, IoT Delivery Lead, Architectural Practice Lead, Extended Reality Lead and Experience Design & Transformation Lead for Accenture Digital in our Advanced Technology Centers in India. In these roles, I led many complex transformation programs, incubated new technologies and built teams in the NEW in India.

Great mentors, counselors and leaders made the difference to me. I was able to chart my career path, my way, and I rose through the ranks to become a managing director.


What do people admire most about you as a leader?
I believe it is leading by example and standing by them during times of crisis. Being grounded, open, honest and approachable makes it easy for people at all levels to walk up to me and voice their opinions.

I always try to set the right vision and then inspire my team to make it a reality. I truly believe that it is our people that make us look us good at the end of the day.


Tell us about your family and personal interests.
I grew up within the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) community in Kerala. My parents worked for ISRO, and they were extremely analytical and creative in the way they processed problems and situations—especially my mother, who helped me build my knowledge and explore different cultures and perspectives.

I really owe everything to my wonderful parents and little sister. My personal cosmos consists of my husband, who is my best friend, our lovely teenaged daughter and my father-in-law, who is a great source of inspiration.

Music, motorsports, cooking and get-togethers with close friends and family fill my life after work. I love to read, and travel fills my soul; I’m the official vacation planner at home.


Any advice for women who are looking to build a career in technology?
Never stop learning. Be passionate about what you do.

No role is too big or small. Whether you are a bricklayer or an architect, you are helping build the cathedral.

Find a good mentor and pay it forward by mentoring others. Challenge yourself continuously and do not bask under your laurels.

And finally, something I say to all the “young guns” on my team: Break self-imposed restrictions, and go beyond gender biases. Invest in building a support system in your personal life.