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Skilling For The Digital Age: Sarvari Parveen’s Story

Hear the inspiring story of Sarvari Parveen, a woman who has broken barriers and grabbed the opportunities offered by technology.

She is a woman with a mind of her own. She is a woman who has evolved as a skilled individual in the digital age despite belonging to a community where women are not allowed to work outside their homes. Meet Sarvari Parveen, a data executive, living in the conservative Metiabruz area of Kolkata, India.

A turning point came in Sarvari’s life when she enrolled herself at Anudip Foundation, a nonprofit working with marginalized underserved communities and training them on the essential skills to survive in today’s economy.

Accenture has joined forces with Anudip Foundation and is engaged in training disadvantaged young people for jobs on crowd-sourced online work platforms. Training is provided for various tasks such as making machine-vision safer for driverless cars, motion capture annotation and image tagging for digital publishing. With immense support and funding from Accenture, Anudip has successfully trained more than 85,000 candidates till date.

Sarvari was unable to learn computers or any digital skills in school. Enrolling in the Anudip Foundation Skill and Career Development Centre at Metiabruz helped her learn these much-needed skills. After the course, she joined I-Merit (an IT-based company) in Kolkata where she was truly amazed at the role of IT in today’s world, in making human lives easier.

Today, Sarvari has a dream – to become a team lead in her company. Her colleagues and seniors continue to inspire her. Check out the spark in her eyes when she shares her story here!