Data Analysis

Learn how data analysis and the insights extracted from big data are helping companies and municipalities lead with deeper intelligence.

What is Data Analysis?

There's a data revolution taking place across the globe in industries as diverse as fashion, automotive, retail, and insurance. Entire industries are changing through digital innovation, including:

  • Enhanced service and customer interaction models
  • New manufacturing and operations systems
  • Innovative products and applications
  • Business-critical finance and investment decision-making

The new business imperative to execute real-time data analysis of massive amounts of information is leaving some companies and organization struggling to keep up.

In retail, for example, companies are processing data on global sales transactions and product performance; financial institutions and insurance companies are using real-time data analysis to enhance security and curb fraud; automotive manufacturers are analyzing vehicle performance and enhancing safety through advanced analytics.

As data collection platforms have evolved, internet- and network- related data is being generated at faster rates than ever, a trend that shows no signs of slowing. And as organizations generate more and more data in abundance, the burden shifts to sophisticated and smart data analysis platforms - companies can be rich in data and but poor in intelligence. It’s the incisive analysis of that "big data" that will lead to smarter decisions and clearer results.

Accenture Applied Intelligence—Cracking the Code


Thinking about data as an asset often requires a real mindset shift for most companies and organizations. For an enterprise to move from passive collector to active analyzer of data—and be truly data-driven—it must assemble the data analysis tools and talent to manage the data at speed and at scale. The following content will examine how the proper analysis of big data flows can generate true insights for organizations, both in the public and private sectors.


Finding The Business In Your Data

Big Data

Public Sector Case Study

Private Sector Case Studies

Fighting Crime with Analytics

Data Analysis Summary

Re-centering your organization

Thedata and analytics journey is a cultural journey for your organization. For companies that decide to take that journey, the results can be compelling. From shrinking market share to expanding market share, from pricing pressures to enhanced cost and cash advantage, from customer defection to customer loyalty, from fraud and non-compliance to reduction of fraud and risk, and from fragmentation and complexity to speed-to-insights.

Data is the business of every single person in your company. Organizations that have embraced this change at every level report being very satisfied with the business outcomes of their journey.

"A data-driven culture can’t be built on a few experts. It requires buy-in across an organization, which in turn requires educating employees about the power of data, and empowering them through training.”
“Fostering a data-driven culture”
Economist Intelligence Unit, 2013