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Kerala: Smart Choice with Knowledge City

Accenture was able to draw on its expertise in complex feasibility studies for the development of the Kerala Knowledge City plan.


The Kerala Government has undertaken a bold new initiative called “Kerala Knowledge City” that aims to transform the state by developing a world-leading knowledge center for the digital economy.

Kerala, with a population of 34.8 million, has a number of advantages over its regional counterparts. India’s 12th largest state has the highest literacy rate (93 percent) in the country and the highest human development index in Asia (0.92), both comparable to most developed countries.

The state is also an acknowledged center of education and is home to some of the best universities in India.

Some of the key business challenges with Technopark was to explore the feasibility of building a technology hub over four million square feet serving close to 300 companies. The Smart City also had to be fully integrated to take into account the educational, residential, commercial and industrial needs of the project that emerged from the above were irregular electricity generation, inadequate public transport infrastructure, a perceived lack of white collar jobs and poor accessibility — reaching Kerala takes at least five hours by air from most major Indian cities. Other challenges included a heavy reliance on service-sector jobs, a growing unemployment rate, limited labor mobility and bureaucratic red tape.


Accenture’s involvement with the Kerala Knowledge City initiative commenced with a debate surrounding the best economic model. This was followed by a macroeconomic assessment of the risks and opportunities involved in the project, which took into account the resources, timeframes and IT framework required to make the Knowledge City a reality. Accenture developed a clear vision of how the project would look and set goals which matched the Kerala Government’s objectives for the accelerated execution of the project.


Accenture was able to draw on its expertise in complex feasibility studies for the development of the Kerala Knowledge City plan. We utilized our vast pool of global experts in all major fields from architecture and engineering to education, town planning, construction, macroeconomics, business strategy and information technology.

By establishing close collaboration with Kerala’s major academic and research institutions, we were able to recommend a high-performance model for an intelligent city, offering state-of-the-art security, a smart transportation system, sustainable energy generation such as solar powered public lighting and waste removal systems.

We were also able to utilize our established partnerships with leaders in fields as diverse as healthcare, resources, power infrastructure, renewable energy, law and town planning.

Our solution is expected to greatly benefit Kerala by reviving the state’s economy and creating up to one million new jobs over the next decade. On completion of the Smart city project, Kerala could rival Bengaluru as India’s biggest technology hub.