High-impact digital solutions for ​Gujarat government's iconic project

Read how we built India's first civic crowdfunding platform.


Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Rastriya Ekta Trust (SVPRET) is a special-purpose vehicle created by the Government of Gujarat for the execution of the Statue of Unity project in Narmada district, Gujarat. ​

The Statue of Unity is an iconic 182-meter monument dedicated to Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel—a visionary leader who was also known as “the Iron Man of India”—owing to his pivotal role in India’s struggle for independence and its subsequent integration. Upon completion in 2018, the Statue of Unity is envisioned to be the world’s tallest statue.


SVPRET aspired to enhance the Statue of Unity project's digital presence and find innovative ways to engage with its core audience. The SVPRET recognized the need to develop an overall digital marketing strategy that went beyond the limitations of traditional marketing and communication channels, and create a platform to build stronger relationships with individuals and communities. Considering the iconic nature of the Statue of Unity—the world's tallest statue located at one of the world's largest dam sites— the SVPRET wanted to create a distinctive global brand in order to position it appropriately on both local and international platforms, with a sound marketing plan. It was keen to create a sense of pride in the citizens and the NRIs about the monument, and inspire them to contribute and become a part of history in the making.


Accenture blended its core technology experience and global scale with contemporary marketing solutions to drive high-performance digital marketing strategies and create a compelling crowdfunding platform for the Statue of Unity project. The company quickly deployed a team of experts for strategic coordination and implementation support across the Statue of Unity project's digital operations. Accenture conceptualized the crowdfunding platform based on the benchmarking study of various global platform on parameters of robustness, usability, technical architecture, functionality and interoperability. Some of the technical features of the developed crowdfunding platform were campaign based contribution model, referral system, donation based and reward-based funding model, socially integrated platform, real-time collaboration, executive dashboard, MIS reporting, scalable model, civic engagement module for intellectual contribution, and affiliate marketing integration.


As SVPRET's strategic consulting partner and digital advisor, Accenture turned the client's insight into action—and action into results—in a number of key areas. The strategic roadmap developed by Accenture defined a clear path to digital governance across all platforms, enabling true engagement with the client's diverse ​audiences and transforming the Statue of Unity project's digital presence.