Energy transition in utilities

Accelerating the energy transition toward a net-zero emission future.

Putting people at the heart of energy transition

Energy providers are already implementing new business models, partnerships, and capabilities to decarbonize the energy system and meet increasingly ambitious targets and commitments. But so are new market entrants, from automakers to oil majors, who are all eager to tap into the electrify-everything (and cleanly) movement.

While many utilities have successfully greened their portfolios, making onshore wind and solar the most competitive form of energy in many markets, driving renewable levelized cost of energy (LCOE) to record levels; zero-emissions targets remain elusive. More action is needed—and urgently—to incorporate both decarbonized and decentralized sources of power onto the grid.

Progressive utilities are adopting a new power model that’s decarbonized, decentralized, digitized, putting people at the heart of their strategy.

More action is needed to Accelerate the energy transition toward a net-zero emissions.

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We help our clients to make zero-emissions energy industrialized, competitive, and ubiquitous. Our services span the energy value chain from generation, transmission and distribution, to energy trading and retail, from strategy to execution and operations.

Renewable energy generation

Make renewable generation more dispatchable with digital and storage.

Connected energy retail

Deliver more value to customers through new zero-emissions energy services.

Energy network of the future

Enable operators to integrate renewables and DERs into the grid.

Beyond the electricity system

Accelerate the energy transition and put people at the heart of your strategies towards net-zero emissions.

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