Customer Experience Engine (CXE)

Your customers are always connected. Shouldn’t their experiences be too? The Customer Experience Engine turns touchpoints into a story.

Unify the moments. Own the experience.

Most customer experiences are created from a hodge-podge of systems. But customers don’t care about those systems. They expect a convenient, continuous and meaningful experience on the website, in the mobile app and in the store. The Customer Experience Engine (CXE) powers an ongoing experience in which your brand stands out by disappearing into the fabric of customers’ lives. It’s the connective tissue across your systems that lets you focus on what you care about: delivering an unforgettable and impactful customer experience now and protecting that experience in the future. 

Customer Experience Engine (CXE)

Accenture Interactive’s Customer Experience Engine (CXE) unifies your applications across marketing, commerce, sales and service. See more.

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How we help

Our experience-led approach helps ensure that organizations have the right experience architecture to allow customers to create their own journey on their own terms. We view technology as the enabler of the customer experience, not the driver. ​

Single view of the customer

Lines of business and stakeholder groups have the visibility into how the business is interacting with customers to drive connected experiences.

Omnichannel power across platforms

CXE unifies your applications across marketing, commerce, sales and service, turning touchpoints into a story.

Seamless plug and play with the latest tech 

CXE solves the technology impediment to allow organizations to focus on delivering unforgettable and impactful experiences.

Enterprise level security and scalability

Touching every part of the customer journey includes the handling of sensitive data. Security is a priority.

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Total Vision for Retail

With an explosion of new customer touchpoints across the modern marketplace, brands are increasingly embedding themselves in people’s lives. Customers now expect more meaningful experiences where they can buy, anytime, anywhere.

To deliver on this expectation, brands are now using so many different platforms across marketing, sales and social that it can be difficult to piece together a coherent picture of customers’ wants and needs.​

So, how do retailers enable commerce on ​the customer’s terms, especially when those choices are evolving and expanding so rapidly?

Check out Total Vision for Retail, our new solution in partnership with Adobe, to learn more.

Your customers demand a connected experience

The Customer Experience Engine was created to unify your tech stack to create a connected customer journey. Because your customers don’t care about your technology, but they do care about having a great experience across every channel.


of customers want a continuous omni-channel experience.


of customers will switch brands for a more relevant experience.


of customers find digital-physical interactions well-aligned.

Experience is everything

Your customers have higher expectations than ever before. They crave a consistent experience no matter the time or channel.

Our Customer Experience Engine turns customer touchpoints into an ongoing story, seamlessly bringing together a cacophony of customer data sources. Think of it as a connective tissue that solves the technology impediment and frees you to focus on what you—and the customer—really care about: an unforgettable and impactful experience.

Ultimately, the experiences you deliver are how people will remember you, talk about you, and feel about you. Your customer experience is your reputation.

With CXE, you can finally unify every moment of the customer journey to own the experience.

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