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Video Experience (VX)

Engage. Educate. Inspire!

Why VX?

Boost brand affinity and loyalty

In some cases, video can boost NPS by as much as 50% and increase digital engagement by up to 55%.

Connect at any stage during the policy lifecycle

Provide your customers data-driven, real-time policy information with a human touch whether they’re onboarding, growing a family or ready to retire.

Engage customers more effectively – starting now!

Our SaaS model makes it fast and easy for you to deploy in as little as a few days.

Out-of-the-box integration accelerators

Integration accelerators are offered out-of-the-box across legacy platforms, regardless of whether they run on ALIP or through another vendor.

Optimize your customer care costs

Avoid less effective electronic communications and reduce traditional mail costs while reserving call center inquiries for more complex issues.

Data driven, dynamically personalized engagement

VX for life products

VX for annuities