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Industrial design services

Physical products for the digital age

The challenge

Our mission is to design for a better world, for people, the planet and business.

Designers help create the products, services, and experiences that shape our world. The fusion of physical and digital design is a powerful tool to help address the sustainability and inclusivity challenges we face today. So, we ensure we understand the latest technologies in both the physical and digital realm, take a human-centered approach and prioritize sustainability and inclusivity.

Find out more about how we spark reimagination at our Eindhoven Industrial Design Center.

How we help

Driven by Insight

We delve deep into the intersection of desirable, feasible and viable, to uncover insights that shape the way we design and develop solutions.

Always customer-first

We gain a comprehensive understanding of the needs and challenges of our clients and their customers.

Physical and digital

Our approach considers both the physical and digital aspects of the experiences we design. We aim to create seamless solutions for both worlds.

Proof of concept

Through prototyping, we iterate and refine our ideas until we arrive at a scalable solution that inspires confidence in decision making.

Our leaders

Frank Rennings

Managing Director Industry X – Netherlands

Teun van Wetten

Design Director

Eric Biermann

Design Development Director

Rodolfo Rangel

Business Design Senior Manager

Start now

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