Accenture Innovation Centers for SAP Solutions

Assessing and unlocking value in the intelligent enterprise

Innovation is transforming ideas into reality.

We innovate every day, on every project, for every client. Next to that, the Accenture Innovation Centers for SAP Solutions are focused on research, ideation, experimentation and inspiration.

Our multi-disciplinary teams:



Incubate, and demonstrate the art of the possible with new SAP and other technologies through proof-of-concepts and client workshops

They rapidly assess the validity of ideas with clients through the creation of minimal viable products (MVP) that combine relevant new technologies, from artificial intelligence, cognitive computing, or IoT to big data, analytics, and SAP S/4HANA.

Each location has its specific focus and expertise and is part of a global network of complementary locations that share the same goal and connect with each other to accumulate and dissipate knowledge and experience.

In São Paulo for example, our team is applying new technologies such as IoT, video analytics, drones, and wearables in the SAP solutions and technologies landscape to see how they can generate business value.

Here’s a sample of some of their latest innovations.

Liquid research workforce platform

This innovative platform is built on SAP Cloud Platform and SAP Jam. It is intended to protect and connect the academic and scientific research community and tackles head-on a problem that generates losses of more than $80B in the United States alone. The platform brings together academic and corporate researchers and funding entities, at the same time providing a trustful relationship by seamlessly ensuring intellectual property traceability, crowdsourcing financing and an improved patents processing through the use of blockchain and artificial intelligence, such as chatbots and machine learning.

Drone video analytics—field force drone

This innovation combines computer vision, machine learning, and IoT to enable real-time and automatic defect detection to increase network coverage, reduce risks and inspection costs, and provide full integration with your back-end system. The app extends your field forces with drones or video images from installed camera equipment to increase field force coverage, efficiency, capacity and intelligence and can be applied to power line inspections, agriculture, retail, public security and more.