Accenture's talent pool: The right skills at the right time and right cost

Our delivery approach gives clients access to professionals with the right skills to help them achieve high performance.


Accenture's vast talent pool provides access to the right skills required to get the work done. Rooted in a strong culture of client service and success, our smart, committed and experienced professionals collaborate as global teams to create solutions with and for our clients.

Having the talent is, however, only half the battle. Our global and multidisciplinary teams are able to work consistently and cohesively because they follow the standards defined by the Accenture Delivery Suite and they stay integrated with a secure technology backbone.

In this way, we can provide clients with exactly what they need to achieve high performance. In addition, we are developing an unparalleled approach to developing our people at huge scale, measuring proficiency and creating career options that foster leaders, experts and specialists.

The result of our delivery approach is that services and solutions are provided to clients at an optimum level of quality, while increased productivity means costs are reduced. Most important of all, clients gain access to the skill sets that are best suited for achieving their business and technology performance goals.

"Accenture Delivery Centers develop and scale innovations across the largest and most diversified group of strategy, consulting, digital, technology and operations professionals in the world."


Along with the Accenture Delivery Suite and Accenture Delivery Centers, our highly skilled professionals enable clients to enhance performance through the right skills at the right time and right cost.

Our strategy, digital, technology and operations professionals have world-class business, technical and functional skills. They also have strong communications and people skills for productive cross-cultural collaboration.

We create global multidisciplinary teams with the right mix of complementary skills to deliver what clients require.

Our most important asset? Our people. It’s why we invest considerable resources providing continuous training. To extend their business, technical and professional skills, each of our delivery people devote a specified minimum number of hours to formal training each year.