In brief

In brief

  • There’s never been a better time to be a semiconductor company.
  • Emerging technologies, especially, artificial intelligence, augmented and extended reality, and blockchain, are gaining prominence across industries.
  • As producers of the chips that power drive-changing technologies, semiconductor companies will see a huge boost in demand for their own products.
  • Find out the key actions semiconductor companies should take to capitalize on the opportunities to increase sales and improve business performance.


As producers of the chips that power the technologies that are driving change, semiconductor companies will see a tremendous boost in demand for their own products—thus driving more robust growth as these technologies become more pervasive. Additionally, semiconductor companies will find these trends open up new ways for them to use technologies to reshape their business strategy and operations.

Five key trends

Citizen AI: Raising AI for business and society

Ninety percent believe every human will be directly impacted on a daily basis by an AI-based decision in the next 3 years.

Extended Reality: The end of distance

Ninety-three percent believe XR will create a new foundation for interaction, communication, and information.

Data Veracity: The importance of trust

Seventy-three percent have not yet invested in the capabilities to verify the truth within the data used in their most critical systems. And that could mean trouble down the road.

Frictionless Business: Built to partner at scale

Ninety-three percent believe the strength and impact of ecosystem relationships will rest on how well an organization’s technology can support these vital partnerships. Two technologies offer solutions to the challenge.

Internet of Thinking: Smart distributed systems

Ninety-eight percent believe enterprises must have this balance to maximize technology infrastructure agility and enable intelligence everywhere.

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Ride the wave

Wave 1:
Use of existing solutions that are passable but not ideally suited for the application.

Wave 2:
Creation of tailor-made, application-specific processors.

Wave 3:
Commoditization (software-defined architecture).


There’s never been a better time for the semiconductor industry. Semiconductor companies are the engine and lifeblood of the future world of technology. Are you ready to step up and provide the faster, more powerful chips that are key to these technologies’ fulfilling their potential?

Syed Alam

Managing Director – Semiconductor Global Industry Lead

Timothy Chu

Senior Manager – Accenture Strategy

Maria McGinley

Senior Principal – Technology Research and Development


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