How can this happen? Consider a global apparel brand’s initiative for retail partner optimization. The company needed a strategic approach to ensure resources were used wisely and that the brand and products got the right exposure across retail partners. The brand optimized its distribution network and invested in strategic relationships around the globe to drive marketplace growth.

The approach was very collaborative. The manufacturer and retailer identified and prioritized shared goals, problems and hypotheses that informed UX experiments on the brand’s experiences across strategic partner sites. The partners’ needs were more alike than different—80% of their goals, 60% of their problems, and 30% of their hypotheses were similar.


Of the manufacturers’ and retailers’ goals were similar


Of the manufacturers’ and retailers’ problems were similar


Of the manufacturers’ and retailers’ hypotheses were similar

The team designed, implemented and measured winning experiments in key areas. They improved UX principles around calls to action and search functionality for mobile users and explored the use of shop-the-look experiences to showcase curated outfits on product pages. They also tested the impact of improved navigation, product features content, consumer reviews elevation, brand experiences and more.

Brands and retail partners both benefit when they research digital experience problems and test and optimize solutions together.

This ongoing global initiative has identified dozens of significant test results across multiple international retailers. Our analysis suggests that as the program and findings are fully implemented, there will be a material return on investment for both the manufacturer and retail partners.

Dan Cardamone

Global Lead – Marketplace Optimization, Accenture Song

Jeriad Zoghby

Managing Director – Accenture Song, Omnichannel Commerce Global Lead


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