Orchestrating brand experience in digital marketplaces

Consumers can find everything on digital marketplaces. Except your brand.

As go-to channels for researching and purchasing products, digital marketplaces have become de-facto gateways to brand exposure and experience. For more and more consumers, marketplaces create their first impressions of brands. Yet manufacturers are not telling brand stories on digital marketplaces. The absence of the brand is a liability across consumer goods, fashion, beauty and other sectors that are feeling the heat from disruptors vying for market share.

From now on, the battle for mindshare—and market share—will rage on digital marketplaces. To win, brands must repair broken omnichannel experiences. They must communicate their distinctive value at the point of sale. This requires a marketplace strategy that harnesses brand stories to spark preference and purchasing. The key is to deliver convenience and one-click customer journeys with creative storytelling that puts brand experience on the digital shelf.

More than $17 billion in sales shifted from large to small CPG players between 2013 and 2018 in the United States.

– Source: Forbes

Where did the brand go?

Four trends defining the landscape reveal what manufacturers should know about brand storytelling on digital marketplaces—and why it matters so much.

Taking back control

Taking back control in this brave new world of digital marketplaces starts with accepting two fundamentals.

Bringing back the brand

Brands need a unified story that brings the brand into the entire shopping experience.

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Roald van Wyk

Lead – Brand Experience for Commerce, Accenture Interactive​, Global

Jeriad Zoghby

Managing Director – Accenture Song, Omnichannel Commerce Global Lead


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