In brief

In brief

  • COVID-19 has brought about radical changes in what, how and where customers buy, bringing some products to the fore and phasing others out.
  • This is a wake-up call for consumer goods companies to get their digital act together, quickly, and rethink how they go to market.
  • In a socially distant world, responding with agility and being clued into customers’ changing needs will set the leaders apart from the laggards.
  • To stay on top of uncertainty and lead with insight, companies need to embrace cloud, AI, analytics, flexible IT and intelligent operations.

How Indian CGS companies can keep pace with changing consumer trends and thrive

COVID-19 has permanently reshaped shopper behaviours and the customer landscape, driving a fundamental shift, changing the way the world works and lives. It has and will permanently impact how, what and where we buy, substantially accelerating the structural changes shaping our industry. Above all, it is a wake-up call on agility and the capability to be enduringly relevant to consumers, shoppers and customers. And while the economic outlook remains uncertain, critical business decisions remain to be made on the journey toward recovery.

In the near term, different Consumer Goods segments have different imperatives, with AlcoBev and Beauty having been hit hard in terms of demand, while Food and Home & Care have seen substantial demand increases, with a pivot toward “Health and Hygiene.” Longer-term lasting changes will continue to drive portfolio, channel, customer and RTM (route-to-market) revaluations across the Consumer Goods and Services (CGS) industry.

As the impact of COVID-19 continues to be felt, many businesses are reopening and moving forward on their journey to recovery, and towards reinvention—companies that can outmaneuver uncertainty continuously will emerge as leaders.

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Those who accelerate their digital transformation—embracing cloud, AI, analytics, flexible IT infrastructure and intelligent operations—will be best placed to lead with insight and agility.

Satyadeep Chatterjee

Managing Director and Lead – CG&S, Accenture in India

Anshul Batra

Senior Manager – Strategy & Consulting, Accenture in India


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