In brief

In brief

  • The Accenture Business Journal for India brings to fore trends and opportunities that are reshaping India’s business ecosystem.
  • Companies that view innovation and intelligent technologies through the lens of disruption will emerge as intelligent enterprises of tomorrow.
  • Specifically, we explore how the convergence of transformative technologies can empower companies to tap new sources of value and growth.

The winds of disruptive change

Disruption is the biggest reality of India’s business landscape today. Advanced technologies, the booming startup culture, evolving customer expectations and the mindset shift from delivering products to creating superior experiences is fueling an era of unprecedented disruption. As businesses grapple to become faster, smarter and more profitable, what’s their new source of strategic advantage?

The Accenture Business Journal for India explores how Indian companies are turning to digital to propel market share, cut costs, boost efficiency and broaden their customer base. In a highly competitive and unlevelled playing field, businesses are pushing the pedal on innovation and unlocking new levels of growth by embracing disruption and using it to their advantage.

AI for Good

Business Journal for India 2018

Accenture's Business Journal for India 2018 explains the process of transforming Indian companies into intelligent and innovative enterprises. See more.

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Embracing the NEW, now, will propel Indian companies to emerge as intelligent enterprises of the future.

The survival of the most innovative and intelligent

The fourth edition of The Accenture Business Journal of India features a compendium of insightful perspectives from some of our foremost thought leaders on propelling intelligence and innovation for Indian businesses. The future of Indian companies will be powered by their ability to harness disruption and adopt new technologies.

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Anindya Basu

Geographic Unit and
Country Senior Managing Director –
Accenture in India


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