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Shift right for a new world of predictive software delivery

Use predictive analytics based on continuous intelligence to boost quality and agility of software delivery.

Predictive Analytics to Improve Software Delivery

Staying ahead in today’s fast-paced and complex digital age demands efficient testing and software delivery teams. Enterprises today are faced with increased pressure to build and test software quickly and without sacrificing quality to maintain speed and competitive advantage.

Accenture collaborated with Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) to explore how predictive analytics can improve software delivery strategies. Our joint article explores how a predictive analytics-based approach to testing and software delivery (analyzing in-production application data and proactively acting on the results) is transforming enterprises by enabling greater quality, higher productivity and an exceptional customer experience.


Leaders Speak

Your Next Steps

Enterprises today should ask three important questions:

Are we prioritizing our development and testing activities effectively to drive business performance?

Do we have the tools and approaches we need to inform software-delivered innovations?

Are we able to effectively forecast the emergent bottlenecks in our software delivery pipelines?

Testing and software delivery organizations can use this article to understand how predictive analytics can generate actionable intelligence and provide strategic differentiation for their enterprise, while enabling the innovation they need to succeed.