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Employment and skills roundtable 2014: Productivity in labour markets-Video

In this video, senior government officials discuss the key challenges they are facing to improve productivity in the labour markets

In March 2014, the European Centre for Government Transformation held a High-Level Roundtable on Employment and Skills under the theme “Productivity in Labour Markets: A Key Driver for Growth and Competitiveness in Europe”

The European labour market is under strain—with the percentage of working age people expected to drop from the current 65-70 percent to less than 60 percent of the total population by 2030. Add to that the more than 3.5 million people under 25 years old who are out of work. According to Accenture analysis, if current productivity and participation rates do not change, the standard of living is set to fall by 4 to 12 percent by 2030 across Europe. These unprecedented times call for concerted action from policymakers.

In this video, listen to senior government officials attending the High-Level Roundtable on Employment and Skills give their views on key challenges they are facing to improve productivity and participation rates in the labour markets.

Watch this video to learn what public employment services leaders believe are the necessary steps to improve productivity and enhance competitiveness through continuous education and training.

Recorded at the High-Level Roundtable for Government Executives on Employment and Skills, March 2014.