Building next-generation education platforms for India​

India is at a point in its journey where its middle class is not only booming, but also experiencing an expanding school-age population, healthy economic growth rates and a growing appetite for higher living standards.

As a country that's propelling itself toward global leadership in every field, special focus is being laid on creating the ability to provide higher-value services and advanced technology, while moving away from low-cost production.

This paradigm shift calls for a new generation of workers and skillsets, and requires the nation to create innovative education platforms to foster the workforce of tomorrow. More than ever before, India is today identifying and focusing on the importance of education, recognising the link between high-performing education systems and economic prosperity.

India's higher education segment is the largest in the world with approximately 20 million students and 36,000 institutions. Also, the higher education sector is expected to increase to US$ 37.8 billion by 2020. The schooling segment in India is anticipated to be around US$ 144 million by 2020 from US$ 44 million in 2011.